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Registered Rabbitry #A380

Welcome to K & B Rabbitry in Kalispell Montana.  We are a small hobby rabbitry focusing on HollandLop and JerseyWooly Rabbits.  We started with Kaleb’s 4-H Rabbit project, but after attending our first ARBA show, were hooked on bunnies and wanted to produce the best possible bunnies we could.  We take pride in our herd and strive to produce healthy, quality show bunnies and not just mass produce rabbits, because our bunnies are like part of our family.

We started out with the HollandLop because I wanted a smaller breed that didn’t eat me out of house & home, and they are just so darn cute!  However we quickly grew to love the Jersey Wooly because they have such a gentle temperament.  Yes, grooming them is a little more work than the Holland’s but it really isn’t that bad.  It gives us time to bond.

Thank you for visiting our website, I hope you enjoy visiting our bunnies, please feel free to email us for more information on a particular bunny or if you have any questions about the breeds we raise, I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I will help you out the best I can.

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American Rabbit Breeders Association